The MidWatch (Silver)


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The MidWatch (Silver)

David Tickell
Clean Black

Easy to adjust and comfortable to ware.

william brehler
Great Watch

This is a great looking watch. During my second COB tour my CO would have a newly qualified sailor come to the control room to pin on his Dolphins. He would read a passage from the WAHOO on the One MC so the entire crew crew could hear. That is when I first learned the word TENACITY and the phrase ""Stay with the bastard until he's on the bottom". This watch brings me wonderful memories and goes great with my Dolphin ring.


Gave this watch to my son for his 40th birthday! He served in the Navy for ten years and was a submariner. A perfect gift to remember two milestones in his life!

Perfect for everyday wear

For those that absolutely love what we do but can’t afford the fancy Rolex, ahem… nukes, this watch is perfect! It’s stylish, comfortable and will make people ask where you got it. I love the everything about this watch. Most of all knowing that fellow brothers started and run this company is another reason I love it. I am more than willing to help current and former “brothers of the fin.”

Wear With Pride

Made By Submariners

This watch was designed and brought to life by two passionate sailors who believe that the watch you wear doesn't just tell time - it tells who you are and what you stand for.

The Mission Continues

Giving Back

Every watch you buy supports a submariner in need. We proudly donate a portion of our sales to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation and plan to organize special events for them in the future.

Tenacity Watches, LLC is officially licensed by the US Navy