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Jennifer VanLaar
Beautiful and amazing customer service

I purchased a watch for my husband as an anniversary gift and it was simply stunning. Unfortunately my husband did happen to hit his arm in just the right spot and the band did break. I contacted the company and they have been amazing to work with. I learned during this process (from a friend) I order my husband the wrong color dolphins as well -he had just made chief and I got gold fish thinking haha chief gold but learned gold fish are for officers (my bad ) the company not only offer me the ability to exchange the broken watch for a fixed one, they let me switch it from gold to silver and within hours of confirming everything the new watch shipped. Only constructive criticism I would add is- emailing can be a bit delayed, but it is Christmas time and I wasn’t in a rush so it didn’t bother me much.

William Hitt
Standing The Mid Watch

Love the watch it is beautiful. Emailed question about it stopping at night. Received a reply in no time at all with an explanation and where to find the owners manual. It definitely gets a big BRVO ZULU from me.

John Rahe
It’s been years

Wow, after years of not having a watch, has been eye opening tonight my wife asked what time it was and I didn’t pull my phone out I lifted my wrist an said the time with a WOW! To her I didn’t have to look at the phone lol. The weight of this watch speaks volumes about its quality had to get used to it, automatic, not having a battery, because I cannot wear a watch every single day at my work I would set it come back a couple days, and I had to reset it only annoyance

James Feltman
Only worked 2 days and needs a new battery

My watch kept correct time for about 2 days. It keeps stopping. Think it came with a dead battery after waiting a month for it to be shipped after order.

Hi James, the watch is automatic. Please wind it by gently screwing the crown in a downward motion. Once you feel the release. Slowly pull the crown out until you feel one click then turn upward a maximum of 30 revolutions. You should begin to feel a bit of tension. Once you reset it to the current time, be sure to lock the crown back in place. As to that is what keeps the water tight seal. You should have received an owners manual via email. (Check spam) Please let us if that works for you and if you received the email.

Jerome Zakutansky
Very Nice Watch

Exactly what I expected.

Wear With Pride

Made By Submariners

This watch was designed and brought to life by two passionate sailors who believe that the watch you wear doesn't just tell time - it tells who you are and what you stand for.

The Mission Continues

Giving Back

Every watch you buy supports a submariner in need. We proudly donate a portion of our sales to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation and plan to organize special events for them in the future.

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