The Bubblehead (Silver)


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David Baxter
To be only a little diggity (Bubblehead)

Recently separated and got this from my wife as a gift to celebrate the end of my navy career and the start of my next! Very happy! The original strap was pretty cheap compared to the watch and the dye started to rub off onto my wrist, although including a band replacement tool was great! I'm very happy with this watch! Great product, guys! I'll be recommending to all my friends from the boat!

Clark T.
Proud to wear

I love wearing this watch. It is a constant reminder of all the years I served in the submarine force. I always get compliments when I wear it.

Amazing watch

The watch has great build quality and takes a beating! I’ve been wearing mine to work every day onboard and nothing seems to scratch it. Highly recommend.

Robert Nyce

The watch appears to be well made but I don't get what the numbers 1- 24 that appear on the watch are for. They don't correspond to a 24 hour numbering, or seconds, or minutes. Why are they on there?

John Wittmann
Fantastic Watch

I was extremely skeptical about this watch when ordering because I thought it was a gimmick watch being over priced and would be made cheaply with mostly plastic, poor glass, and loose internals. I must say after getting this watch it is built extremely sturdy and great quality materials. The face on this watch is also one of the biggest that I have ever seen which will make it easy to see from a mile away! If this watch was thrown off of a building or run over by a freight truck then it would still look the same. I am extremely pleased with this watch and can't wait to wear it for the next 70 years until I pass it down through my family.

Wear With Pride

Made By Submariners

This watch was designed and brought to life by two passionate sailors who believe that the watch you wear doesn't just tell time - it tells who you are and what you stand for.

The Mission Continues

Giving Back

Every watch you buy supports a submariner in need. We proudly donate a portion of our sales to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation and plan to organize special events for them in the future.

Tenacity Watches, LLC is officially licensed by the US Navy